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Biggy: A natural leader, Biggy is a stalwart defender whose style of play mimics that of Ricardo Carvalho (though he’d much rather me say Brede Hangeland), which led to a center back being one of our most consistent scorers. His unfortunate decision to graduate left our team with a large void in the back line, as well as Biggy with no job. Even still, his devotion to the United States Men’s National Team is respectable (while at the same time sickening), as is his obsessive following of Clint Dempsey. Despite his allegiance, Biggy is one of the most understanding and reasonable people to talk to about the National Team, and will be first to admit to their faults. No amount of criticizing will change his belief, and for that I give him credit, and his comprehension and vision in all things relating to the sport is more than commendable. While his national team support is much more concrete than mine, it is his club support that varies, with Fulham leading the pack (since they have Demps and EJ), and a strong amount of support for the following teams (in no particular order): Arsenal, Everton, Hull City, San Jose Earthquakes, Sochaux, Aston Villa, and just about any other team containing one or more Americans. Currently Biggy is based out of San Francisco after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in International Business, he also played along side me with the club team, where we all now hope he will return to assistant coach next season. Now he spends his days working for the man, enjoying the gorgeous views, slacking at planning THIS year’s trip to South Africa, and dreaming about Deuce.

*Written by Chamo

Chamo: A relatively gifted goalkeeper who thinks he is a talented forward, Chamo is that steely kid on your team who steps up in big moments. As long as that big moment isn’t in FIFA10, where he regularly gets torched. Okay, that’s a lie, he is pretty damn good at that game too. He is a gigantic Chelsea fan who probably would make out with Soooooper Frankie Lampard given the chance, and easily one of the most knowledgeable and opinionated soccer fans I know. He owns more Chelsea jerseys than the team does, but follows the EPL religiously and has a sharp soccer mind. His national team allegiances tend to bounce between Northern Ireland, England, Canada and whoever else tends to be playing better then the US at the moment. He also pulls for the always miserable San Jose Earthquakes where we agree that combined we could probably score more often than they do. In his free time he attends Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he plays for the club soccer team, studies Computer Science, and unsuccessfully attempts to meet girls. He is also a talented World Cup ticket lottery winner and is responsible for the game tickets that we currently have.

*Written by Biggy

Kenjo: Kenjo is a writer for Constantly Offside who will be providing us content whenever possible. A good friend of both Biggy and Chamo, Kenjo met the Constantly Offside crew through the Club team at Cal Poly. An incredible midfielder, Kenjo will be sorely missed as the Mustangs aim for a national title this year, as he has the unique experience of studying abroad in Iceland. Kenjo is currently under the ash cloud and we have lost all communication… Not really, but we imagine it is pretty hard for anyone to play soccer there when you aren’t even supposed to breathe.

Laz: Where does one start when discussing Laz? Ah yes, his striking good looks and overwhelming charm. Josh Lazarus, JLaz or just Laz as we refer to him is Chamo’s roommate and a mutual friend of all at Constantly Offside who will be joining us post graduation as a regular contributor in June. A dashing center midfielder and back, Laz’s soccer career was cut short by a number of knee injuries that have lead him to wear this ridiculous looking brace on the field. Still his contributions on the IM field cannot be overlooked and the flashes of greatness can be seen on a regular basis. A USMNT and Chelsea fan, he combines the best of Biggy and worst of Chamo when it comes to teams he pulls for. Okay, not the worst, but he is an interesting bridge between the two. Word on the street is he is not single, but never fear ladies, Chamo and Biggy certainly are. He will be graduating in less then a month with a degree in Kinesiology and a strong likelihood of graduate school. Outside of working endlessly and then studying in his free time, he enjoys drinking. Which is swell considering that is a common theme for Team CO. Laz is an intelligent and passionate USMNT fan and will be pulling for them throughout the World Cup and will be running the site from the States while we are gone (hahaha you didn’t know about that did you LAZ? SUCKER) We are quite pleased to bring Laz on board. Provided that he actually graduates.

-Written by Biggy because he wouldn’t let Chamo write it.