About Us

Constantly Offside is in its infancy, just like the new wave of American soccer fans. Smart, edgy, opinionated, and generally on base, we designed the site to keep you informed on what’s going on in the soccer world from a perspective that is actually relative to your life. Tommy “Chamo” Brown and Matt “Biggy” Biggerstaff take the wheel so you don’t have to deal with more fifty year old writers reminiscing about their golden days, but interesting, relevant pieces that will keep you on top of the soccer world, and make you sound like a euro snob as you discuss the implications of the winter transfer window at your next kegger.

We are not trying to mimic a site like Soccernet, which will always have better inside information than we will. Instead what we offer is what Soccernet can’t: opinion.

What gave us the idea to start Constantly Offside was our constant banter to each other about everything soccer. Since most of this went to waste after it was all said and done, we determined a place where it was written down and where others can read and respond to it with their own opinions would be more beneficial.

Chamo managed to successfully obtain four sets of tickets to the World Cup next year in South Africa, thus the ultimate goal of this site is to get enough of a following that it will warrant us bringing along a laptop and wireless card to update our readers from the base of all the action on our two and a half week excursion.

We encourage readers to e-mail us ideas and questions that they wish to see posted, just realize, it’s hardly ever going to receive a bipartisan view.

I really like Constantly Offside, is there anything I can do to help?

If you really like our work, there are plenty of ways to help us! Please, comment on our stories, predictions, anything we post, we want to hear from you and know that our posts are being read and people have opinions about them. Biggy and Chamo may take swipes at each other but a reader’s comment is always taken with an open mind.

Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our RSS feed to get up to the minute updates of our new posts. If you really like something we wrote, post it on Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit, whatever media outlet you prefer!

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