Soccer Gets the Short-end of the Scholarship Stick

A new infographic published by FluidReview ( shows us just how much money sports like basketball get from US government scholarships, and just how little sports like soccer get.  What do you guys think?  Is this because soccer isn’t as popular (*buzzer* WRONG) or is it because soccer does not have such a strong presence in the mainstream media?  In my books this deserves a RED CARD for being completely imbalanced!

If America wants to get with the rest of the world and start producing more top-end soccer stars, they better start making it easier for the young athletes to pay for their education with their talents.  I can’t tell you how many times a soccer player has to choose between the love for the sport and working to pay for tuition (no really, I can’t.. because I just pulled that statement out of my butt).  But regardless, scholarships, management and the like need to keep up the times, and things need to be more fair and equal for athletes no matter what sport they play.

That’s the end of this rant.

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The Three Day Extravaganza (Days 8, 9, and 10)



WARNING: If you are in any way related to Biggy, Chamo, or Striker, you may not want to read this post, if you still insist on reading, try to skip the part JUST after the USA-Algeria game. Should you read it, know we are alive and well, in good spirits, and laughing about the situation now (kind of). That said, this post covers three intense days, in three different cities, where we witnessed three entirely different matches, therefore it will be a rather long read. We hope you enjoy (especially if you don’t have any emotional stake in our well being).


Days 11, 12, and 13

After three rough days of traveling, walking, watching and cheering, as well as being reduced to a two-man team after Striker left us, Biggy and I went into relaxation mode. Day 11 started by sleeping in, till about noon, given the blatant lack of sleep we had accumulated recently. We had decided the night before that we would explore the little town of Fish Hoek that Fifa had so elegantly placed us in. Our hotel was conveniently placed about a block away from the beach, so we strolled towards it in search of some seaward views. Unfortunately, the weather decided this was not the day for sights and the entire coast line was fogged in.


Uruguay v. Ghana Running Commentary

Click the link to join our running commentary of the Uruguay v. Ghana match!

Click Here

No Respect for Cheaters in the Beautiful Game

I don’t care if it is a calculated risk. A red card and a PK is simply not enough punishment for what Luis Suarez did in the Quarterfinal match between Ghana and Uruguay. If they do not review the situation and hand Suarez a further ban I will be disgusted. Cheating is no way to win a World Cup match. I had no respect for France coming into the Cup for the fashion in which they progressed, and now I cannot respect the Uruguayans. I simply hope the Netherlands crush them in the semifinals, and Suarez leaves crying. There is no place for cheating in the beautiful game, so you professional players, cut it out, it is ruining the sport.

Statistics and Best-Of for CO’s Trip to South Africa

We were in South Africa for two weeks, plus had a good four days of flights to get to and from, so naturally there are some interesting statistics that go along with our trip. Some are very basic, some a bit funny, and some just plain stupid, but I hope you enjoy the list.

Hours Spent Flying to South Africa (average): 35 hours (including layovers)

Hours Spent Flying back from South Africa (average): 23 hours (including layovers)

Matches Attended: 5

Stadiums Visited: 3 (Green Point in Cape Town, Moses Mabhida in Durban, and the one in Pretoria)

Flights Taken Inside of South Africa: 9

Flights Paid for Inside of South Africa: 8

Planes Seemingly Constructed as a Steel Tube of Death: 1 (thanks British Airways/Comair)

Hours Spent Inside of Airports: 30

Nights Slept Inside of Airports: 1


Another reason why the World Cup owns

Oh yes, that is Armin Van Buuren dropping Swedish House Mafia’s “One” to celebrate the Dutch performance in the World Cup, and that is Klass Jan Huntelaar dancing like an idiot out front. As expected, senior Robben is the life of the party. Get it Freaky Deaky Dutch, get it.

Also, seriously? Why can’t we have awesome parties like this for our team, we need to get on it. Sick US djs like BT, lots of hot girls and a party to welcome home our boys, this sounds like a dandy idea.

Things That Suck 3 with Tom Henning Øvrebø and Koman Coulibaly


Hello, Koman Coulibaly and Tom Henning Øvrebø here and we want to bring you some things that suck. How qualified exactly are we to talk about things that suck? That is quite funny that you would even bother asking that. Honestly, do you know who we are? This is our God given talent! If not, spend a moment and Google us. Come back once you understand how qualified we are, we will see you in about two minutes!

1. The World Cup Final – Face it, it was awful. The match was poorly played, the Dutch were overly cynical, and even Koman could have reffed the match based on how Howard Webb decided to run it. Thank St. Collina that the match didn’t go into penalty kicks, or it would have easily been the worst final in World Cup history. To back up our English referee compatriot, it wasn’t entirely his fault, there was tons of pressure on him and the Dutch gave him a very difficult task given the obscene amount of hacking they were doing, which, when paired with the amount of rolling around by both squad, led one to believe that World War III had started and these were the first casualties. World Cup Final, you sucked, and you disappointed everyone.

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